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Comprehensive Online Resource for Plan Administration
With the online Plan Service Center (PSC), plan sponsors can manage all facets of their plan through a safe, secure, and intuitive website. The PSC provides point-and-click access to plan and participant information and data management functionality that plan sponsors need, when they need it.

A round-the-clock gateway to plan and participant information, the PSC simplifies data and contribution transmission. Plan sponsors will also have access to a comprehensive library of plan reports and forms, as well as many advanced features, including expense payment capability, daily fund value graphs, and work queue e-mail notifications.

PartnerLink®— Powerful Information for Institutional Partners
Good information is the foundation of a strong relationship between you and your plan sponsors. With FASCore's PartnerLink website, you have secure online access to detailed information on balances, asset allocation, plan activity, internet use, plan provisions and investment option information for each plan in your portfolio. The ability to query data, access online forms, and view participant level information are also available around the clock. The resources available through PartnerLink may also be provided to Third Party Administrators (TPA's) and intermediaries at partner or plan sponsor discretion.

Empower Plan Participants with Ongoing Self-Service Access to Technology-Driven Tools
FASCore offers a host of additional services that empower participants to manage their accounts effectively and access additional information when they need it. These services are available through the participant website. Our VRU allows participants to obtain fund information, access account information, change their account, personalize their PIN, or speak to a retirement plan specialist and real-time voice response system (VRS).

Participant Education Tools
Participant communication services—including print-on-demand enrollment kit production and fulfillment—are also available to plan sponsors through FASCore’s institutional service model. Plan sponsors can select from standard, personalized, or fully customized communication program options.

Progressive Investment Services
Through Advised Assets Group, LLC (AAG), a wholly owned subsidiary of Great-West, progressive plan sponsor and participant investment advisory services can be offered, including Online Investment Guidance, Advice and a Discretionary Managed Account Service. These investment advisory services are powered by Morningstar Investment Management LLC, an industry leader in asset allocation and investment analytics tools.

Transition Specialists
Understandably, the transition from one recordkeeping platform to another can cause apprehension for your plan sponsors. To overcome this challenge, FASCore has developed a proven process that limits the impact to plan sponsors. Dedicated, experienced conversion specialists manage the process and get each plan up to peak performance in the shortest possible time, regardless of plan size or complexity. Our formal transition process includes pre-planning discovery, extensive implementation checklists, and consistent communication with each plan sponsor. Your plan sponsors can expect a smooth transition and limited distraction from their daily responsibilities.

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