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Regardless of who you are in the real world, you may not be an investment expert. And no matter what level of interest you have in making investment decisions or how much time you may--or may not--have to manage your account, Reality investing has a suite of investment advisory tools and services for you--Managed Account, Online Investment Advice and Online Investment Guidance.

The Managed Account service could be the answer to the one question you often ask yourself: "Isn't there somebody who can just take care of my retirement planning for me?"

The Online Investment Advice service may be a good fit for you if you have a good grasp of investing principles, but you still want some help with your fund selection.

The Online Investment Guidance may be all you need if you have a good grasp of investing principles, but you still want some general guidelines to help you manage your own account.

The Managed Account service is geared toward participants who wish to have a qualified financial expert select among the available investment options and manage all of their multiple retirement accounts such as; Colorado PERA 457 Plan, State DC Plan, a 401(k), or IRA etc.

Keep in mind that as a Managed Accounts service participant, you must allocate all of your account balances, among the multiple accounts offered by the State of Colorado, to the Managed Accounts service. This means if you enroll in Managed Accounts for the State DC Plan, with Great-West, and decide to enroll in the Colorado PERA 457 Plan, you will automatically be enrolled in Managed Accounts for the Colorado PERA 457 Plan too, or vice versa. Choosing to have Managed Accounts for only one Plan is contrary to the purpose of enrolling in Managed Accounts and therefore is not an option.

Once you are enrolled in the Colorado PERA 457 Plan, you can access additional information about Reality Investing and sign up for the service that fits your reality!


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